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Simon's Sports Cards is specialized in all kind of Canadian vintage cards such as gum and tobacco sports and non-sport cards.

For exemple, we are very interested in very old tobacco cards like Ritchie, Larue and Dominion Tobacco cards or non-sport gum cards like those from World Wide Gum, Gum and Canadian Chewing Gum.

We also have a great variety of sports and non-sport coins, Coca-Cola and Sprite caps, football and baseball vintage cards, Parkhurst, Topps and O-Pee-Chee singles and sets, old La Presse, puzzles, newspaper pictures, and much more!

If you are looking for something in those categories or you have something to sell or trade that could interest me, please contact me.


If you have questions, are looking for something or have items to propose, you can contact Simon or visit the online store! We are waiting for news from you!


Email : simgin@videotron.ca
You can call at his home in the evenings and weekends.
Phone number : (418) 667-0460


Buy our merchandise online! Take a look at the Hobby Sports Collections website.

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